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Advertising Rates and Policies

OTS Rates 2022

For sales, contact advertising executive George Jeffries at [email protected].

For ad design, email [email protected].

Mail: P.O. Box 927 Mt. Angel, OR 97362

Office: 2340 Martin Dr. #104, Stayton

Technical Specifications

Design services are included with the price of advertising. However, Our Town Monthly can accept your camera-ready or digital press-ready advertisement at the prescribed dimensions (see above for measurements). Ad content materials or camera ready ads can be sent to our designer at [email protected].

Digital Files

PDF: preferred format for complete advertisements. A minimum DPI of 240 (600 for line art) will ensure best quality printing. Please include art and colors in CMYK (process) format.

JPEG: preferred format for photographs. A minimum DPI of 240 at actual size will ensure best quality printing. JPEGs downloaded from internet web sites are generally not of print quality, but those downloaded from a digital camera are fine.

TIFF: preferred format for line art and logos. A minimum DPI of 240 for color/grayscale or 600 for line art will ensure best quality printing. TIFFs may also be used to submit whole ads if PDF is unavailable.

EPS: please raster all text (convert to paths or lines) and make sure all artwork and colors are in CMYK format.

Advertorial Process & Policy

Our Town provides its readers articles on local people, businesses, government and events at the editor’s discretion. Topics are assigned to or generated by a reporter, completed work is submitted to the editor for review,
then as time and space permit, published. There is no third-party pre-publication review.

Our Town also publishes Guest Opinions and Letters to the Editor written by community members on topics of
importance to our readers. Opinions and letters are submitted to the editor and published at the editor’s discretion. They may be edited for length. Neither publication nor publication date are guaranteed.

Our Town publishes obituaries as a community service. The family has the option of free publication, subject to
editing of the submission, or paid space publication, where the information is presented as submitted, and there
is an opportunity to review a pre-publication proof. Paid obituaries are presented in a boxed format to indicate
their paid status.

Advertorial is the term used when a person or business wishes to reach out through Our Town with a self-generated article (other than an obituary, guest opinion or letter) over which they have content control. This is paid
space at standard Our Town Advertising Ratecard prices.

The following specifications apply:

  • Space must be clearly labeled at the top as a Paid Advertisement in a minimum of 10 point type;
  • No Our Town editorial content fonts may be used for the copy, headlines or captions. Any form of the following fonts is prohibited: Copperplate, Adobe Caslon Pro, Myriad.
  • Advertorials of less than one full page must be boxed.

As with all paid space, Our Town provides design services to clients if requested. Submit copy and photo (if
desired) to [email protected] by space reservation deadline, listed below. A pre-publication proof
is sent out by email for approval.

The publisher reserves the right to decline to publish any advertorial. Advertorials that include personal attacks, use hate
speech or advocate discrimination or violence will be refused space.

Space Reservation Deadline for Our Town – North (Silverton, Mt. Angel, Scotts Mills) and Our Town – Santiam (Stayton, Sublimity, Aumsville, Lyons, Mehama) is the 20th of the month for publication on the 1st.

Space Reservation Deadline for Our Town Life (Silverton, Mt. Angel, Scotts Mills) is the 5th of the month for
publication on the 15th.

To schedule an advertorial advertisement, send information to [email protected].

For further information, contact us at 503-845-9499

Agreement Terms

All advertising is at Open Rate unless a contract agreement has been signed prior to advertising

Ad space reservation deadlines are the 20th of the month for the edition of the 1st and the 5th of the month for the
edition of the 15th. Space reservations coming in after deadline may be subject to a $25 late charge.

Advertisers not fulfilling contracted agreements may be billed for the difference between the contracted rate and
the actual rate earned on ads placed during the term of the contract.

Contract rates apply to individual Advertisers. Advertising shall be for one business, unless businesses are under a
single ownership. Rights or rates may not be assigned or transferred to another business or agency.

The Publisher reserves the right to change advertising rates with 30 days notice to contract holders, who may accept the new rate or submit written notice of contract cancellation within the 30-day period.

Advertising must be paid in full prior to publication unless a credit application has been submitted and approved.

Payment on a billed account is due the 15th day of the month following publication.

A late charge of 2% will be added to an account past due by 30 days or more.

Past due accounts are subject to suspension of advertising and credit privileges.

The Publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement at any time.

Any advertisement or supplement simulating news content must be labeled as paid advertising.

Ad placement is at the sole discretion of the Publisher unless a guaranteed placement charge has been paid.

Advertiser shall notify the Publisher of any error in time for correction before second insertion. Upon mutual agreement, Publisher may run corrective advertising for any portion of the first insertion that has been rendered valueless by the Publisher’s error. Publisher’s liability shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the advertisement. Except as provided above, Publisher assumes no liability for loss to Advertiser as the result of errors or omission in advertising copy.

Neither party to an agreement shall be held liable for failure to perform as the result of acts of Nature or reasons
beyond their control. Under such circumstances, either party shall have the right to terminate an agreement
without penalty. However, nothing in this paragraph shall excuse an Advertiser from the obligation to pay for
advertising previously published.

Classified Ads

Our Town Santiam publishes classifieds monthly in our “Marketplace” section. Classified ads must be 25 words or less and cost $10 for a private party or $15 for a business.

All classified ads are due by the 20th of the month to appear in the upcoming edition on the 1st of the month. They may be submitted electronically to [email protected] or by mail to 2340 Martin Dr. #104 Stayton, OR 97383.

Items for the community events calendar are free and submissions must include date, time, location and cost. Calendar events are due the 20th of the month to appear in the upcoming edition on the 1st of the month can be submitted to [email protected].


Our Town Santiam provides free obituaries as long as the family is aware they run on a space-available basis and are subject to editing.

If the family prefers the obituary to run exactly as submitted and at a specific time, they have the option of reserving paid space.

Copy and photo (if desired) are submitted to the paper by space reservation deadline, listed below. A pre-publication proof is sent out by email for the family’s approval. There is no proof for the free version.

Typically, paid obituaries are formatted as a half page. They are approximately 500 – 600 words in length. Word count varies depending upon photo size. Photos with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher print best. We can scan and return original photographs if necessary. Photos run in black and white. When color is requested, we attempt to honor that request, but cannot guarantee it until the week of publication.

The obituary rate for a half page is $353. Color is an additional $200. Obituary rate for a quarter page (200 words) is $195, with color an additional $125.

Space Reservation Deadline for Our Town Santiam is the 20th of the month for publication on the 1st.

To schedule an obituary, send information to [email protected] For further information, contact us at 503-845-9499.

All above policies are effective as of Jan. 1, 2022.